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Blog Watch: An Interesting Solution for Slow-to-Ripen Grapes @ Tablas Creek

One of my go-to wine blogs is the Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog.  I’ve been a fan of Tablas Creek since 2006, when I had the chance to meet  TC General Manager Jason Haas and taste through several of their excellent wines with him.  The Tablas Creek story in itself is a fascinating one, and if you’re not familiar with how the Haas family (Jason’s father is wine importer and Vineyard Brands founder Robert Haas) and the Perrin family of Chateau Beaucastel joined forces to create the winery, it’s worth reading through my transcription of Jason’s account on that subject. 

Jason is largely responsible for the blog’s content, with new entries every week or so.  His posts are always thoughtful and well written, focusing on the varieties of the Tablas Creek experience, including vintage and harvest updates, winemaking details, tasting notes and interesting discourses on business matters, such as those relating to interstate sales and shipping of wine, and the legal hoops a winery has to jump through with different states in order to do so.  He also has a knack for getting really good photographs to illustrate his text, especially with regard to the vineyards and the winery.     

Occasionally, Robert himself will pen something, and in the most recent entry uploaded today, Assistant Winemaker Chelsea Magnusson tells how Tablas Creek has dealt with slow ripening Roussanne and Counoise grapes, following the heavy rain that hit the Paso Robles area on October 13-14.  I could tell you more about it here, but then, you, dear reader, might be less inclined to visit TCVB yourself, and that would defeat the purpose of including the link.  There’s always something good to read and look at on the Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog, so check it out!

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