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Blog Watch: Simmer Down!

Noëlle Lothamer - Photo courtesy of Marvin Shaouni

We first met Noëlle Lothamer through her postings on Gourmet Underground Detroit (GU Detroit), an online group of food and drink professionals and serious enthusiasts “dedicated to the propagation of gastronomic knowledge.” Like many of the GU Detroit denizens, Noëlle authors a blog and hers is smartly named simmer down!

Noëlle’s cooking style is similar to mine so I’m right there diggin’ all of her food posts and I think the Gang community might like them too.  The photography is excellent and the articles are cleverly written.

She’s also an avid collector of cookbooks and books about food and pens a book review page that I hope continues to grow.

Recently, another GU Detroit participant, Evan Hansen, filled in as guest blogger and wrote an excellent primer on building a basic home cocktail bar – it’s a worthy read even for us winos!

When Noelle isn’t “trying to make a difference one delicious bite at a time,” she is playing drums and singing in her band Scarlet Oaks.  Note the photo at left of the two drum stick styles!   – photo by Marvin Shaouni

Hope you check out and enjoy simmer down!

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