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Tasting Wyncroft with Jim Lester

Jim Lester rode into town a few days ago with some new selections from his Wyncroft winery in tow to taste with prospective buyers.  After he was through making his rounds, he stopped over for dinner, and of course, we got to try the wines too.  Bonus!  We had tasted two of the three wines with him and others last fall, but in the case of at least one of them, it has already undergone some noticeable evolution.

I took some brief notes on the wines, but perhaps more to the point, Kim videotaped Jim talking about each of the wines as only a proud papa can.  Both notes and video are included here; viewers can access either or both in order to get a better idea of what these delicious wines are all about.

2009 Wyncroft Lake Michigan Shore Riesling Avonlea, 12.5 % alc.: Steely and floral at the same time; rich and moderately ripe, tart, slightly oily and very crisp.  Jim describes a “hard pear” character and I detected an added note of lime.  Classic dry Riesling, and while it’s already tasty, its best days are well down the road.  Not yet released.

2008 Wyncroft Lake Michigan Shore Riesling Avonlea “VT” (Vendange Tardive style), 14.8 % alc., $40.00: This is already showing improvement since just last September, but like the previous selection, its best days are well ahead of it.  Rich and oily, almost musky, with petrol, floral and mineral flavors and aromas; Kim says that it “has a real edge to it,” and she means that in a good way!  If past Avonlea Rieslings are any indication, this is a 10-year wine and more, so patience is advised.

2006 Wyncroft Lake Michigan Shore Chardonnay Avonlea, 13% alc., $35.00: Rich in color, as Wyncroft Chardonnays so often are, and reminescent of lemon merangue with a hint of butterscotch and a nice dose of mineral in both flavor and aroma.  Showing a lot of barrel character, but it’s really nice barrel chartacter.

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