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Sadat X Does Siduri and Adam Lee

Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Lee and Siduri Wines have hit the big time with the latest Sadat X True wine connoisseur’s Episode 11 video. In the words of Sadat X, “Understand, I don’t make this sh*t up!”  Watch and marvel… Find Siduri Wines

4 Responses to “Sadat X Does Siduri and Adam Lee”

  • I am tasting wine with Adam Lee of Siduri and Sadat X tonight….cannot wait!

  • Jim, very keen observation, as usual.

  • He’s right though, the Novy wines are a little too oaky and they don’t get you fucked up. I hope Mr. Lee takes this criticism to heart when making elevage decisions with the ’09 wines in barrel.


  • Sometimes I go to a modern art museum and I see works that I just know, “I could have done that” – you know what I mean? It makes me think children did it or somebody who just wanted to pull my leg.
    Sadat is like that – if I’d have thought of this gig first, I know I could do it as well. No doubt.
    But props to Sadat for coming up with it and for not making sh*t up. He’s a gas.
    And while I’m at it, props to Motherwell, Rothko, Stella and all those others that were original.
    Moral of the story – get there first.
    Best, Jim

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