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Six from Cono Sur

I want to like the wines from Chilean producer Cono Sur, I really do. I find much to admire in their integrated vineyard management system that favors the use of natural alternatives to fertilize, prevent and control pests and diseases, their organic viticultural project (270 hectares certified) and their CarbonNeutral® delivery status. With this kind of attention to sound eco-policy, the wines should taste good, right?! Not necessarily…

We’ve reviewed wines from Cono Sur on several occasions, and we’ve almost always enjoyed the whites, but the reds have often been not to our liking. At one point, we thought that they might have gotten away from their excessive oak and over-ripe tendencies, but the last couple of times we sampled new offerings, we opted for a “better-to-say-nothing-than-say-something-bad” policy. Here are our impressions of the latest batch of three whites and three reds that we sampled, and I’m pleased to report that they are mostly favorable. (Click images to enlarge)
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