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TN: 1978 Lytton Springs Zinfandel Valley Vista Vineyard (black label)

Simply amazing.

The only real signs of age are textural – all the angles have become curves. The color is bright and clear. The nose carries ripe and sweet berry/cherry notes with none of the expected tea leaf/tobacco/cedar/rose petal/claret patina of an aged Zin. The fruit is sweet and focused in the mouth with completely integrated tannins and acids – a study in harmony.

Perfect with grilled tri-tip, tiny roasted Yukons and a simple leafy green salad and held up beautifully through the entire meal.


4 Responses to “TN: 1978 Lytton Springs Zinfandel Valley Vista Vineyard (black label)”

  • Bree:

    I have to take the contrarian position here, gentlemen.

    As the 90s approached, Richard Sherwin’s focus had changed. His good friend and winemaker, Walt Walters, had passed away. Richard was looking at Cabernet property in Hopland and would soon move there. Sonoma County and Zinfandel were just not looking the same to him.

    In that context, and knowing that the property would inevitably be sold, I can not think of a finer purchaser than Ridge. No better steward could be chosen for this very special piece of land.

    While an argument can be made that the wines are not as extraordinary as they once were, better David Gates manages these vines and John Olney crafts the wines, rather than the folks from Gallo, or any number of other potential corporate owners, eh?

  • I hate to say it, but it was a sad day for Zinfandel when Ridge took over LS. Their unique style and longevity are missed…

    • George Heritier:

      Agree, Joel~Those were some of the very best Zins we’ve ever had, and they lasted amazingly long~I’m sure there are still some very nice examples out there in some patient folks’ cellars.

  • Might you have some label images for the CdP and this one?

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