George Heritier

George Heritier
Gang of Pour co-founder, George Heritier says, “I’m not a wine critic, but I play one on the Internet”  He has been a lover of fine wines for many years and actively involved in the retail wine industry since 1999. You’ll sometimes find him on Internet wine forums as Bastardo or geo t.

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Tasting Notes from the Underground – November 2003 to October 2009

Tasting Notes from the Underground Archives - 1997 to 2003

Interviews & Profiles

Rednecks & Red Rhônes 2009 or Edwards Got Wrecked and So Did I

Rednecks & Red Rhônes 2006

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We Will Always Have Toledo: Year 8 and older

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geo t.’s Tasting Notes – 2001-2003

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12 Syrahs from Around the World

Hangin’ With the Gang From the Wine Boards

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Mocool 1997, ’98, ’99 and 2000

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The Legend of “Smoot” Hawley – A dream of another kind

7 Responses to “George Heritier”

  • George Heritier:

    Kelsey, I absolutely LOVE your inaugural blog entry! Thank you so much for the kind words and especially for the kind sentiments expressed therein. Would that more people out there might come to the same realizations that you have; it would be a far better world if they did. You’ll be pleased to note, I think, that I sipped appreciatively on a nice cup of green tea while thoroughly your thoughts. Well done indeed, dear “sister!” I’m looking forward to reading new entries as you produce them.

  • Kelsey Henderson:

    Geo, thanks to you, I have a blog site now. Just posted the first one. :)

  • George Heritier:

    Hey Kelsey, thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things, we truly do appreciate them! You know, WordPress is the perfect vehicle for the blog that many of us would love to see you do. I’m just sayin’… ;)

  • Kelsey Henderson:

    Geo! What a pleasure to once again have the time to sit and enjoy the Gang. You all inspire, educate and encourage me. Keep up the great work, and most of all, have a great time doing it! I’m pouring a lovely Moscato and raising a glass to you. Slainte’ dear friend!

  • George Heritier:

    Thanks for the kind words, J.D., and thanks for sharing our link on your Facebook page! Great to hook up with you again after all these miles under our wheels!!!



  • Howdy George!
    Geez! What great site and what a great thing you guys are doing here! Fun, interesting, what more could a guy ask for?

    I have already shared this on Facebook, so all my other friends can reap the rewards of your vast experience, discerning taste and razor sharp wit. (too much?)

    Great to find you here and I look forward to future posts!
    Adios for now amigo,
    J.D. Haring

  • [...] fountain bears a striking resemblance to bastardo. the pool should be laden with full breasted women, it’d bring good luck to us [...]

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