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Zinfandel Guy Parodies Old Spice Guy

Yoga For Wine Lovers

Video: Wine growing on Old Mission Peninsula

VIA Chateau Grand Traverse – Origin Story: A very, cool video of Ed Sr. explaining how wine growing began on the Old Mission Peninsula.

Michigan Stories- Ed O’Keefe from Reid Ashton on Vimeo.

Classic Julia Child and Paul Draper vintage video

John Olney, Ridge Lytton Springs

Ridge Lytton Springs ~ April 27, 2010

Ridge VP and Winemaker, John Olney

During our first visit to California wine country back in 1997, our very first stop was (quite appropriately, given our love for all things Ridge) the Ridge Lytton Springs facility, which was then still housed in the old Lytton Springs Winery building.  In 1999, a new eco-friendly facility was built, and Kim and I had yet to visit the place, although we read Allan Bree’s report about it in his impressive “Homage Lytton Springs” some years back.  So, upon our recent return to Sonapanoma for the first time in eight years, we thought it quite fitting that our first site visit should be at the “new” Lytton Springs winery, and, as previously reported, arrangements were made to do so with the help of our friend Christina Donley. Read the rest of this entry »

An Afternoon With Sean Thackrey

Read the rest of this entry »

An Afternoon With Paul Draper

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Tasting Leelanau: Left Foot Charley

Continued from the article Tasting Leelanau


It might be argued that a visit to Left Foot Charley is out of place with the Tasting Leelanau theme of our three-day excursion to northern Michigan wine country.  After all, the winery itself is located in Traverse City, and at the time of our first report on Bryan Ulbrich’s upstart start-up project, only wines from Old Mission Peninsula fruit were made.  But from the start, Ulbrich had ideas about also sourcing grapes from the Leelanau, and now he’s doing so.  There’s also the Gill’s Pier connection, so Bryan is no stranger to the “other side of the bay.”  Besides, it just wouldn’t be right to be in the area for three days and not drop in to see what’s new at LFC. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasting Leelanau: Circa Estate Winery

Continued from the article Tasting Leelanau

Margaret and David Bell - click to enlarge

Margaret and David Bell


We started our final day of Tasting Leelanau with a visit to a relatively new producer, Circa Estate Winery, owned and operated by Margaret and David Bell.  We were immediately struck by the fact that everything about this operation is first class and with a very distinct style.

In the accompanying video, the Bells tell of how they got into the grape growing and wine making business. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasting Leelanau: Bel Lago Vineyard and Winery

Continued from the article Tasting Leelanau

L-R: Dave Rusnell, Claudia Tyagi, George Heritier and Charlie Edson. Click to enlarge.We began our survey of Leelanau wines with our visit with Charlie Edson at Bel Lago, and it set the tone for our entire tour.  The wines are delicious and Charlie is a delight to spend time with.  I suppose it would be more proper to refer to him as Charles E. Edson, Ph.D, his official title, but he just seems like Charlie to me, and I came to think of him as a buddy after sharing food and wine with him a few days later.  Claudia has known him for some time, and I’d met him on a couple of occasions previously at trade tastings, but those events, by their very nature, made it hard to get the kind of read on his wines that I would have liked. Happily, there would be no such distractions on this bright Monday morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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