Gang of Pour Painting by Stephen Goodfellow - goodfelloweb.com

Gang of Pour Painting by Stephen Goodfellow - goodfelloweb.com

Gang of Pour is a close-knit group of friends based in the Metropolitan Detroit area, California, Ohio, Virginia and the wilds of Canada. We gather to enjoy fine wine whenever we can, but don’t call us connoisseurs. Rather, we like to think of ourselves simply as explorers who seek out new wines from around the world.

We have been active and online since 1997. Besides holding tastings of our own, we also report upon larger events, such as ZAP, Hospice du Rhone, The Family Winemakers and more. We review wines, interview winemakers and comment on just about anything else that catches our attention, wine related or otherwise.

We feel that fine wine is best enjoyed and evaluated when we can sip a glass or two leisurely over a period of time, without hurry, in order to more fully appreciate its charms, and to observe how it changes and develops in the glass. We prefer to sacrifice quantity of selections sampled, in favor of quality of the tasting experience itself.

That said, the best way to really discover what Gang of Pour is all about is to peruse the blogs and archives of our various contributors, so read on, McDuff!

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  • Michele:

    I feel like your motto is missing the second half of the expression: Hirundo semper – or is that simply implied?

  • Kim Adams:

    Moe, thanks for stopping by and stepping into the updated version of the site. Miss you guys and hope to catch up on things with you both in the not too distant future.

  • Chairman Moe:

    I’ve heard some positive things about this gang who “never spits”. While I cannot hold a candle to the talented taste buds of those erstwhile drinking buddies of mine, I hope we can again meet to pop open a few corks. I’d like to be more in the “present-tense” version of the GOP – not mired in the archives . . .

    Your former scribe and Toledo tour-guide,


  • Kim Adams:

    Hi Robin – no problem on the link. Thank you for the kind words about the site. Really like yours too and subscribed to your rss feed. Let us know next time you are in town. Maybe we can get together. Love Corktown!!!

  • Hey there!

    I’m a novice wine taster, avid cheese fan and new blogger. I just found your site and love it! I commute from Cleveland to Detroit almost every weekend and love finding new places to shop and learn about wine. I would like to link to your site from my blog, if you’ll let me and maybe you could check out mine! Thehousemouse.wordpress.com

    Thanks so much and I look forward to digging into the archives here at Gang of Pour.

    Best Wishes, Robin

    PS-Our loft in Corktown is would be the perfect place for a wine tasting sometime…hint hint!

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