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Rednecks ‘n Red Rhones 2013

Boyce Brannock is back with another rendition of Rednecks ‘n Red Rhones:

Rednecks ‘n Red Rhones 2013 – “Danica, DANICA, DANICA”
Or “Grenache, you made me do it, but I didn’t want to do it.”


Rednecks and Red Rhones 2010

Rednecks and Red Rhones 2010

I came to see Danica Nekked, but all I see is the Geico Pothole

The run up to Rednecks and Red Rhones seemed particularly long this year. It’s hard to say what the reason for it is really. The genesis of my rural ennui could have likely come about from any number of events that Southern Man just don’t usually encounter, like the bone-chill’n cold winter, or four (count ‘em, FOUR) heavy snow storms and the ach’n backs that came with shovel’n out the gravel drive of the mobile home park to get to the Post Office to pick up the ol’ lady’s alimony check. But then, perhaps the strain of hav’n she-who-must-be-obeyed in tow and her forcing me to drive sober for three whole hours made my blood too cold. But then again, it could be that I was exhausted from having the sh*! shocked out of me every time I touch metal because of all the freak’n layers of wool I’m wear’n during Al Gore’s global warming meltdown just to ward off hypothermia here in the friendly, freak’n hospitable, used-to-be-sunny South – I dunno, but the usual trip to High Point for the annual gearhead and grape-must fest had a distinctly heavy feel to it this year. As I slipped and slid the SUV over hidden black ice that gave me a distinct sensation that I now had enough experience for driv’n a rig across Alaska’s ice highway, all I want to know is: Who in the hell ever thought this sticky Yankee white stuff was “lovely,” “dark” and “deep? Read the rest of this entry »

Tasting Tablas Creek in Charlottesville

tablas_logoSept. 3, 2009 – Charlottesville, Va – The beauty of living so close to the DC area is that every once in a while it creates an opportunity for the local wine market.  Occasionally, some of the bigger names in the wine industry or some of the more cutting edge players in the wine industry find their way south of The Beltway and to the southern edge of horse country into the “wine boonies” of Charlottesville and one of the independent wine stores.  Market Street Wine Shop is one such store.  Market Street once showcased 2001 Sauternes just a day after several chateau had tasted with Robert M. Parker, including the likes of Chateau Doisy-Daene, Chateau Suduriaut, Chateau Climens and others.  Having reps from the actual chateau and without the filter of wholesalers is such a pleasure.  The connection to the wine feels so much closer.  The infectiousness of their enthusiasm stokes the wine bug. Read the rest of this entry »

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